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Business Problem Solvers

  • Avoiding Bankruptcy
  • Restructuring Liabilities
  • Loans and Equity Investments
  • Litigation Support
  • Selling Your Company

We Help You Find Money

Every business needs money in a different way. Some need it to purchase inventory to fill a big order. Maybe it needs a truck or other asset that allows it to take on new work. Maybe it just needs to accept payment terms to get a big client.

Not all businesses are bankable. Most banks want to see assets or inventory to lend against. If your company doesn’t have assets, it may be difficult to get money from a traditional lender.

Where Is The Best Money?

How many lenders do you know? We have relationships with lenders with all kinds of requirements. We know a lender who understands your business and will lend on any type of incoming money.

If you’re interested in equity financing, we can help you find the right investor. We know a large number of angels and other high net worth individuals who are interested in your business.

We syndicate your loan to many places at one time. The salesperson at your current lender may love your deal, but underwriting may not. Can your business afford to go 30 or 60 days before finding out that it has to start all over again?

Then We Help Close the Loan

We do more than find you the right lenders - we help you show the banks how great your company is. We make sure that you company is showing its best self when sending financial documents to lenders.

Elementary offers experience from top level executives at companies just like yours. We don’t know the ins and outs of your business, but we know business. We have started, bought, invested in, and sold businesses. We have worked in foreign countries around the world. We have written two books. We know business.

We’ve done a variety of projects for previous clients. Our specialties include:

  • Business analysis: increase profits
  • Acquisitions: legwork, negotiations
  • Selling your company
  • Lawsuit support: we’ll interface with your lawyer to limit costs and introduce business oriented solutions
  • Getting a loan: preparing financial statements, shopping your loan to different banks
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy: we wrote a whole book about it
  • Factories and Warehouses: increase production, throughput, and efficiency
  • Collections: reducing AR by receiving money, not writing it down

Start For Free

Give us a call and we’ll work for free. We’ll discuss and visit your business at no charge to figure out whether we can help you. We’ll freely give you advice using our experience in other businesses who have experienced the same problems. If your business has a problem that we can solve, we’ll talk about the problem, the solution, the plan of attack, and the cost. When we both agree, we’ll write you a proposal and we’ll start immediately.

Success Takes Hard Work and Creativity

We pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems. This takes elbow grease, great relationships, and a lot of creativity. If your bank can’t approve your loan, we’ll take it to three more. When that acquisition target pulls out, we’ll figure out how to get them back. During a restructuring, we’ll call every single vendor and work out a deal so they continue supplying you. This is how we bring you success.