Client List

Here are a list of companies that we’ve helped and the project we did for them. The companies have not been named in the interest of discretion.

F: Family Business
I: Informal Bankruptcy Plan

Num Industry Problem F I Resolution
1 Acrylic display Mfg. losses F Crisis mgt, improved mfg. process
2 Apparel Co too fast growth I Sold company
3 Apparel Co sales program Organized sales program
4 Auto Leasing profits and cash flow Reorg management and raised capital
5 Auto part inventory cash flow need Worked with company to obtain money
6 Auto parts slow pick and ship Reorg warehousing oper for fast ship
7 Bankruptcy court Review legal invoices Reviewed legal invoices for court
8 Boutique clothing Losses after profitable years Created sales program - on line sales
9 Building Materials Mfg. Forensic losses Forensic engagement
10 Candy reseller crisis, losses Restructured buy/sell processes
11 CD / DVD replication Co bad business model F Changed mfg. processes for profits
12 Cleaning Supplies Mfg Settlement of debt Negotiations to settle debt
13 Clothing importer bad business model Negotiated over advances
14 Collateral audits for lender Collateral audits for a variety of lenders
15 Collection company changing to consumer Cost control
16 Collection old money due from years past Collected principal, interest, penalty
17 Construction co creditors, losses F I improved processes & stayed lenders
18 Dairy mfg. couldn’t pay loan for bank, go to upstate NY
19 Engineering company disorganized mgt F Reorganized dispatching for profits
20 Fabric convertor fractional CFO F CFO work
21 Fabric convertor Needed updated software Improved GP, cash flow and overhead
22 Food mfg. losses Improved importing/mfg. process
23 Furniture supplier Reorganization Negotiate with lender, find new cash
24 Furniture mfg. losses, change of product line F Improved mfg. process
25 Gas and Oil co In Bank, move to Informal I Successful INFORMAL Plan
26 Gas and Oil co Recovery of debt Litigation support for collections
27 Golf Cart company Find buyers for sale Find and negotiate to sell company
28 Granite mfg. walked out F for bank, save the company
29 Handbag Mfg. insolvent stayed creditors, sold company
30 Home furnishings Mfg. Poor mfg. controls F Improved mfg. process, QC (Mexico)
31 Home furnishings Mfg. Needed increased sales F Implemented plan to sell box stores
32 Hospital supply co government contracts F Transition of ownership,
33 Hospital supply co low profits Created new sales program
34 Importer from Australia need over advanced F obtained over advances
35 Importer from Orient too much competition Increase profits, efficiency in delivery
36 Injection molder Under utilization of asset F Reorganized mfg. process
37 Intimate apparel start up Organized mfg. (Guatemala)
38 Intimate apparel start up Increased sales to profitability
39 Intimate apparel old co, owner died, losses I Increase production (Dominican Rep.)
40 Intimate apparel warehouse organization F Reorganized pick and pack
41 Intimate apparel M & A F Purchased and transitioned companies
42 Jewelry importer No pay - lead in jewelry Save business from a lender closure
43 Licensed luggage Dist. Sale of license F Negotiated greater price in sale
44 Licensed sportswear Co. New co, purchased too much Structured purchases / Sales for lender
45 Machine part Mfg. Sale to employees - ESOP ESOP plan reviewed
46 Material Testing Service losses from overpaying staff Restructured daily work flow for profits
47 Media advertising creditors, cash flow I stayed creditors, reduced overhead
48 Media retail company losses, low gross profit Reorganized store for profitability
49 On line book seller bad business model I crisis - M & A sale
50 On line Golf clubs, acc Reorganization Restructuring with new investment
51 Paper wholesaler too much AR, debt, low GP I Successful liquidation
52 Paper wholesaler losses, low GP new product F Change product line
53 Paper wholesaler collection I Helped collect old AR
54 Pest control Mfg. M & A F M & A sale, Litigation support,
55 Printing Co too much overhead, losses F I M & A sale, successful transition
56 Printing Co collections and processes F Collection and improve mfg.
57 Rail systems Mfg old co, owners want to sell F Worked towards a sale
58 Restaurant forensic Forensic engagement
59 Rifle Mfg. start up / forensic Managed inventory, forensic work
60 Roofing, gutter Mfg. Recovery from recession F Stopped losses, projected sales
61 Scent mfg. / seller crisis, losses F Rrevised sales program
62 Specialty paper Mfg. too many owners I Negotiated sale of business
63 Specialty pharmacy growth F M & A - sold company
64 Steel Convertor negotiation w/ lender, vendors I successful negotiations
65 Steel convertor Turnaround F I Crisis Mgt lead to M & A sale
66 Supermarket theft and losses Reduced theft, reorganized inventory
67 Supermarket cash flow F Renegotiated lenders
68 Trucking co low profits changed dispatch processing
69 Waste removal Co. profits and cash flow GP work, cash flow, increased profits
70 Water bottling Co. bad transition Increase capacity at factory