Client List

Here are a list of companies that we’ve helped and the project we did for them. The companies have not been named in the interest of discretion.

F: Family Business
I: Informal Bankruptcy Plan

Industry Problem F I Resolution
Retail losses, low gross profit Reorganized store for profitability
Supermarket cash flow F Renegotiated lenders, vendors to cash positive
Manufacturing M & A F Purchased and transitioned companies
Auto parts slow pick and ship Reorganized all warehousing operations for fast ship
Water bottline co bad transition Increase capacity at factory
Apparel Co too fast growth I sold company
Intimate apparel start up Organized mfg in foreign country
Intimate apparel start up Increased sales to profitablity
Intimate apparel old co, owner died, losses I Worked factory in foreign country to increase production
Home furnishings Poor mfg controls F Improved mfg process, reduced unsaleable %
Printing co too much overhead, losses F I M & A sale, successful transition
Hospital supply co government contracts F Transition of ownership,
Manufacturing bad business model F Changed mfg processes for profits
Speciality paper too many owners I Negotiated sale of business to just 1 partner
Supermarket theft and losses Reduced theft, monitored inventory, reorganized shelf space
boutique clothing Losses after profitable years Created sales program for on line sales
Paper wholesaler too much AR, debt, low GP I Liquidated business with positive cash to owners
Clothing importer bad business model Negotiated with lender for overadvances
Injection molder Under utilization of asset F Reorganized sales/mfg process for best utilization
Licensed sportswear New co, purchased too much Structured new purchases to coincide with sales
Jewelry importer No pay – lead in jewelry Save business from a lender closure, catastophic event
Paper wholesaler losses, low GP new product F Worked with owners to change product line
Service industry losses from overpaying staff Restructured daily work flow for profits
Start up building mat Forensic losses worked with investors to determine misaproprations
Licensed luggage Sale of license F Negotiated greater price in sale
Importer too much competition Lowered overhead to be competitive
Roofing, gutter Recovery from recession F Stopped losses, projected sales
Organic Manu M & A F M & A sale, operated as CEO, profits from losses
Restaurant forensic Reviewed records to find misaapropriations
Gas and Oil co In Bank, move to Informal I Successfully implemented INFORMAL Plan
rifle Mfg start up / forensic Managed inventory, forensic to find missing inventory
Steel convertor Turnaround F I Crisis Mgt lead to M & A sale
Bankruptcy court Review legal invoices Reviewed legal invoices for submission to court for approval
collateral audits for lender Many collateral audits for a variety of lenders
inventor auto part cash flow need Worked with company to obtain money
Manufacturing losses F Crisis mgt, improved mfg process
Manufacturing Sale to employees – ESOP Worked with owner on plan to sell to employees
Home furnishings Needed increased sales F Worked with owner on plan to sell larger customers
on line book seller bad business model I crisis – M & A sale
engineering disorganized mgt F Reorganized dispatching for profits
food mfg losses worked with mgt to improved importing/mfg process
Furniture mfg losses, change of product line F Improved mfg process reduced overhead
speciality pharmacy growth F M & A – sold company
mfg rail systems old co, owners want to sell F worked towards a sale
Candy reseller crisis, losses restructured buy/sell process for profits
Trucking co low profits changed dispatch processing for profits
collection old money due from years past Collected all principal, interest, penalty
convertor negotiation w/ lender,vendors I successful negotiations
Importer need overadvanced F obtained overadvances
Hospital supply co low profits created new sales program
Scent mfg/seller crisis, losses F revised sales program
Paper wholesaler collection Helped collect old AR