Elementary Business Collections Service

After much success collecting Accounts Receivable for clients, Elementary Business is proud to offer this specialized service.

Success Highlights

Industry Company Revenue Receivables to Collect Collections
Media Replicator (Insolvency) $6 million $750,000 $400,000
Hospitality FF&E $35 million $60,000 $60,000
Gas & Oil (Bankruptcy) $4 million $100,000 $35,000
Construction (Liquidation) $75 million $34 million $17 million
Paper (Liquidation) $22 million $8 million $7.5 million
Textile (Bankruptcy) $150 million $75 million $70 million
Construction $6 million $400,000 $375,000

What makes this service so special?

  • Fees are success based – Fees are only charged after the collection has been made
  • Collection calls are made by seasoned professionals with years of experience
  • EBI has proven results (see list)
  • Quick Results – Collection calls are made timely
  • Reporting – Periodic reports are produced detailing interaction with clients
  • Management – EBI works with management to maintain integrity

How does it work?

  • EBI is given a listing of the Accounts Receivable to collect
  • An Agreement is reached for success fees to be earned by EBI
  • Access is given to company records for Invoicing, Proof of Delivery, and other
  • Money, when collected, goes to the company’s bank account, or a new company bank account with EBI as additional signatory

What will the collection service cost?

Nothing to start, pay only when money is collected. The fee is based on the age of the receivable.

  • Current to 60 days: 3-5%
  • Past due 61 to 180 days: 7-10%
  • Past due 181 to 365 days: 12-15%
  • Over 1 year: 18–25%
  • Special rates for bankruptcy, liquidation and entire Accounts Receivable